The aim of the project is to create an online interactive video-artistic map of Brighton that is easily viewable and easy for anyone to contribute to and participate in.

Project aims:

The internet is a powerful tool – somewhere that current information is instantly accessible. The video-map will promote parallel activities within the city by equipping the inhabitants with the tools and knowledge to create, edit and share their own videos, thereby creating a living map of the city that reflects the diverse range of events, activities and beauty that it’s inhabitants and visitors experience everyday. The project aims to enable the people to contribute to a portrait of the city instantly accessible through the Google Map interface.


The lead artist will be Spanish video artist Alvaro Collar who will lead a series of talks and workshops with a diverse range of participants, he will also be in residence at Phoenix Brighton during the months May, June and July editing and uploading videos to the map. The project will use the existing platforms of Google maps and You Tube – creating a second layer of information that anyone can easily navigate to.

The workshop format can be adapted to suit a number of different groups and abilities, and will enable participants to realize their ideas through using video recorders, phones or cameras and editing the work using open source software. Target groups: Artists, young people, general public, businesses within the tourist industry.


Phoenix Brighton

Alvaro Collar

Blank Studios

Timescale :

Now till April 2010 Alvaro will begin building awareness through social networking sites etc.

May – Alvaro will be on site – based on site in the foyer at Phoenix Brighton during gallery opening hours and holding workshops and talks

June holding workshops and editing video, based on site

July – based on site and finishing the map – launch and roll out

The project is aimed at the following groups:

Young peoples group and home educators groups at Phoenix Brighton

Phoenix Brighton studio artists

Artists in the may festival exhibition at Phoenix Brighton

Local schools

Community groups in the Tarner area

Professionals working in the tourism industries

Brighton arts organisations

Contents :

Alvaro giving lectures/talks about the collaborative artistic creation and teaching people how they can collaborate in the project.

Giving workshops on different subjects: video art, audiovisual creation, video with mobile devices, open source editing software…

Holding public events to record videos: video safari.

Public screenings of the videos.

Collaborations with the Observatorio de Video Digital (Observatory for Digital Video) of the Complutense University of Madrid and several other research groups at different universities.

Collaboration with other galleries and venues.


Experience of working with a professional international artist.

Participation in a city wide project which works on a number of different levels – from professional video makers to members of the general public.

A long term legacy – the map can continue to be added to after the residency has been completed.

Increased collaboration between Phoenix Brighton and other businesses, schools and organisations in the city.


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  1. Roger Says:

    I guess that should be 2011?

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